Created by Interpreters and Translators for You!


    Our Mission:    

We are a full service interpretation and translation service for all languages. We provide professional interpretation and translations services to all fields. Our interpeters and translators are experts in their language, and experts in English. This agency was created by interpreters and translators to bring you the best services available. We bring our expertise in the language and culture directly to you, in your target language.

Interpreter = oral; spoken word

Translator = scribed; the written word


    Our Agency:    

Central Interpretation & Translation Servcies was designed with the interpreters and translators in mind first; only when they are happy will they give clients the best services they have to offer. We keep or interpreters and translators happy! Many freelance interpeters and translators do not want to work for interpreting and translating agencies because these agencies pay interperters and translators only a fraction of what the agencies actually charge clients. For this reason, interpreters and translators are often time not so eager to give clients the best of services and put the jobs they get through the agencies last. Somethimes interpreters and translators won't even bother to show up if they have something else to do! They already feel they are being cheated by the agencies and betrayed by the clients who do not call them directly. They feel like the agencies are acing as the "middle-men", who don't really have any language skills and are just taking exploiting the skills of the interpreters and translators.


As a client, you may be paying an agency more than if you were to hire an interpreter or translator directly. We save you time, effort, and money by finding and scheduling interpreters and translators for you. In addition, we pay are interpreters the same as if you were to hire them directly. We take very little for the amount of work we do in order to bring you professioanl interpreters and translators. We respect our interperters and translators and their skills; because of this respect we are able provide the best services available. 


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