We provide the following modes of interpreting:

  • Simultaneous

  • Consecutive

  • Telephonic

  • Sight

  • Liaison

  • Whispered

  • Sign Language

At Central Interpretation & Translation Services we provide profesional interpretation and translation services for the following industries:

  • Court

  • IME (Independent Medical Exams)

  • Medical & Dental Offices

  • Insurance

  • Hospital

  • Depositions

  • Negotiations

  • Conferences

  • Business Marketing

  • Healthcare

  • State Municipalities

  • Federal Government

  • Corporate/Business to Business

  • Conventions/Conferences

  • Academic Arena

  • Energy

  • Clinical Research

  • Pharmacies

  • Industry Manufacturing

  • Chemical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Automotive

  • Electronic

  • Media

  • Information Technology

  • Engineering Architectural

  • Medical Devices

  • Patents

We provide the following modes of translating:

  • Web Pages 

  • Technical Manuals 

  • Legal Contracts

  • Patents 

  • Annual Reports

  • Advertising Copy

  • Marketing Collateral

  • User Guides

  • Brochures

  • Case Studies

  • Data Sheets

  • Medical Records

  • Newsletters

  • Reference Manuals

  • Training Manuals

  • Marketing Materials

  • E-Mails

  • Press Releases

  • Promotional Material

  • Depositions

  • Immigration Documents

  • Medical Records

  • Engineering Documents

  • Business Correspondence

  • All forms of Documents

  • Marketing

  • Financial

  • Website

  • Software

  • Audio/Visual

  • Patent

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Intellectual Property

  • Other formats as requested

Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing

Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing are essential in making our customer's projects stand out. Whether they're looking for an electronic file, high-resolution color output, or large volume printing, we have it all!. We have the partnerships and tools to meet your specifications and your deadlines. We offer turnkey digital printing services, which includes delivery of a final copy of the translated text bound to your specifications. 
We also have the expertise to design all your marketing needs in-house. Not only can we have your materials translated, we can also design them according to your specifications. Whether it's a business card, flyer, presentation folder or instructional manual, or anything else - we can do it all. Call us for more information.


Technical Specifications 
Windows and Apple Platforms 
E-mail and/or FTP 
Word Processing / Publishing / Presentations: 
PowerPoint Corel Draw 
Adobe PageMaker (.PMD)
Adobe InDesign (.INDD) 
Adobe PhotoShop (.PSD, .TIFF, .EPS) 
Adobe Illustrator (.EPS) 
Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) 
Lotus WordPro ACII (ANSI) 
Text (.TXT) 
Active Server Pages (.ASP) 
Rich Text Format (.RTF) 
Trados QuarkExpress (.QXD) 
Macromedia DreamWeaver 
Macromedia Fireworks (.PNG) 
AutoCAD (.DXF)
Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF) 
JPEG File Interchange Format (.JPG) 
Lotus Freelance Graphics 
Harvard Graphics 
Corel Presentations 
Windows Bitmap (.BMP) 
Windows Metafile (.WMF) 
Word Perfect Graphics (.WPG) 
PC Paintbrush (.PCX) 
MS Excel (.XLS) 
MS Access 
Corel Quattro Pro (WB*)
Lotus 1-2-3 (WK1, 123)